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'Trauma Tapping' for vulnerable women

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is the single most prevalent mental health illness in those escaping war or internally displaced. In developed countries, it also remains to be one of the hardest conditions to treat. Amongst war victims or displaced populations, access to suitable treatment is very limited due to lack of services available and language barriers. Also, talking alone can trigger violent memories and trauma that they have suffered. Many suffer alone and in silence.

Working alongside our colleagues Peaceful Heart Network, we are pleased to have set up a ‘Trauma Tapping Technique’ (TTT) training sessions and have begun providing tapping sessions to women and children in many of the locations we work in. As an incentive to help the women and orphans to attend, we are also offering food packs (consisting of monthly supplies of common dry good like rice, cooking oil sugar and pulses) for their families.

TTT is a simple but effective form of psychological effective therapy which relieves symptoms of trauma, stress and other mental health issues. The biggest benefits are that it is drug free, without the need for language and can work on babies as well as the elderly. It is also something that can be taught/ learnt as a self help-technique. If you would like to learn more about this please visit the Peaceful Heart Network website.

Having successfully implemented the technique in our clinics in Lesvos, we are hopeful that other vulnerable communities where our volunteers visit will also benefit.


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