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Tragedy and Trauma: Lola's story

The on-site MDM - Greece Midwife in ‘Moria 2.0’ has written about a patient who recently visited our shared clinic, having undergone a devastating life event that led her to Lesvos island.

Please note: Trigger warning for rape, assault and murder.

“During my six years of working with refugees, some of the stories I’ve listened to have been extremely difficult to hear. One of the most shocking concerned the forced escape of a young African woman from her homeland.

When we spoke, Lola* told me that strangers had broken into her house and forced her father and brother to rape her. They then killed the two men in front of her, and proceeded to beat her mercilessly, leaving marks that could only be covered by plastic surgery. She was made to flee the country, threatened with being killed if she remained.

After Lola* shared her horrific story with us, we immediately began her prescribed medical examinations with our gynecologist, and referred her to our psychologist for an evaluation and some desperately needed psychological support.”

*name changed to protect privacy

To hear stories of emotional trauma from our patients is not uncommon: far too many recount being tortured, assaulted, witnessing bomb blasts and the violent deaths of loved ones as a result of war and persecution. No one who has experienced such terrible hardships should be living flimsy tents behind barbed wire fences, forgotten by the rest of the world. It’s no surprise there is a mental health crisis amongst refugees all over the world.

Your support allows us - Kitrinos Healthcare and MDM - Greece - to provide vital medical care and psycho-social support services to vulnerable and displaced refugees like Lola*. Please consider donating to our appeal, ‘Women and Children in Crisis’, today:

Thank you.

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