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#InterpreterStories: Ali

"My name is Ali. I come from Iran but I have Afghan origins. I left Iran because even though I was born there, I was considered an Afghan refugee, and faced hard discrimination: for instance, I was not allowed to have children.

I finished high school in Iran, then I went to Afghanistan to take care of my grandfather. Meanwhile, I studied English. I am from the Hazara population, and when I moved to Afghanistan I lived in Dashte-Barchi, a Hazara neighbourhood in Kabul. There was a lot of discrimination against the Hazara people there, and also many explosions in the neighbourhood, so I had to leave.

I came to Lesvos alone, and I have been working with Kitrinos for two years. When I was in the camp, I saw the struggle of my people. So as I had learnt to speak English, I decided to help as an Farsi/English interpreter.

You know, my asylum was rejected, but I am still trying to keep a positive mind and attitude. The pain and difficulties here make me stronger.

In the future, I would like to be a kick-boxer. Hard work pays off, so I do three hours of exercise each day. When I’ve achieved my dream, I will use my money to help people. I feel like it is my responsibility, my duty, to help myself and others. Helping others is helping yourself."

- Ali, Farsi Interpreter, 2021.

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