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How Your Donations Are Helping Hungry Families

Dear friends,

The Holy Month of Ramadan is drawing to a close, with Eid Al-Fitr celebrations just around the corner. We're so grateful for all who have donated to our 2022 Ramadan appeal thus far: you are making a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable and displaced communities. These are just a small handful of people your donations are supporting:

Asal* sadly lost her husband, leaving her a widow and her eldest son as head of the family. Asal and her son are caring for her family without support. She has 6 children to provide for with no income and her son is desperately trying to find work. The Zakat food packages we supplied were welcomed and offered some hope in an ongoing struggle to survive.

*name changed to protect privacy.

Times have been particularly tough for this gentleman, who is living with a long-term illness and is struggling to provide for his family of seven, as his income doesn’t stretch far enough to cover food costs. He and his family were delighted to receive a food pack from us: one less thing to worry about during Ramadan, which should be a time for peace and reflection.

(Please excuse the misspelling on our banner!)

This man is living with a disability that prevents him from working full time, and now his son is no longer able to provide for him, he and his family are struggling to get by. They were grateful to receive a food pack to help keep everyone fed over the Ramadan period.

In addition to our donors, we'd also like to thank Barzo Baher (pictured right), our Finance Executive and Operations Manager for Afghanistan, for helping to make these distributions possible.

We're making preparations for our next round of food distributions, now focussing on homeless women and children in Afghanistan. Please consider supporting our work by donating via the button below:

Thank you.