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Babies with Scabies in Moria 2.0

“I met a young mother who had given birth to her first child whilst living in the camp. She visited the scabies clinic along with her husband and baby - all three had contracted scabies. The baby, who was only a few weeks old, was covered in lesions causing intense itching.

We had concerns that the baby wasn’t feeding properly, which was likely due to the pain and distress. After the first course of treatment, the lesions began to heal and a repeat treatment was given to ensure complete scabies eradication. Thankfully, none of the lesions became infected, and it was a relief for the parents and the medical staff at Kitrinos to see an improvement after treatment.

It was a really emotional experience that will definitely stick with me forever. I wish the young couple and their baby all the best for the future and the rest of their journey.”

- Volunteer Dr. Rachel, 2021

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