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Psycho-social Support: TTT (Trauma Tapping Technique)


In collaboration with 'Peaceful Heart Network', we have offered an innovative form of therapy called 'Trauma Tapping Technique' (TTT) to improve our patients' mental well-being. TTT is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and relieve symptoms of trauma. Unlike traditional talking therapy, it is easy to implement in a camp setting and age and language barriers aren't an issue. One of the greatest benefits is that it's simple and quick to learn, meaning that our patients can teach the technique to their friends and family, providing a 'ripple of healing' throughout their community.

Having cared for patients in Camp Moria with encouraging success, in 2022 we began implementing a self-help 'stress & trauma regulation' / TTT training program in Camp Moria 2.0 as a small step towards empowering women and children and giving them hope for a brighter future.



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In 2022, 'Team Kitrinos' were proud to form new partnerships with medical actors in Camp Moria 2.0 (Kara Tepe), where we provided much-needed care to refugee families, women and children. Alongside Médecins du Monde, we offered:


- Women's health & gynaecological healthcare

- Sexual health & contraceptives

- Pregnancy & birthing

- Post-natal care

- Breastfeeding support

- Paediatric healthcare, including vaccinations

Emergency Night Shift


This project aimed to provide emergency healthcare for the residents living in 'Camp Moria 2.0' during the night, when there are no other medical staff on site. Our clinic was open 6 days per week to adults, teens and children.


Scabies Project

In our scabies clinic, we assessed patients for scabies and provide appropriate treatment, plus associated services (laundry, showers, new clothes). This is essential as scabies is one of the most frequent dermatological problems in the camp. Kitrinos works in collaboration with other NGOs in order to provide these services. The clinic is currently open during the afternoons, 4 days per week.

Aside from our ongoing medical projects, we've run numerous non-medical and holistic care projects to help improve the wellbeing and mental health of our patients.

Core Project: 'Care-A-Van'


Holistic Care and Support

Seasonal: Qurbani

Suitcase Campaign

Dates for Refugees

with Zaytoun London and YallaHelp

Assisting migrants on the move

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