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Volunteers are an essential part of the Kitrinos team. We are in a transitional period and are not currently recruiting volunteers for specific locations. However, we are always on the lookout for keen people who are willing to help. If you would like to join ‘Team Kitrinos’ in 2022 onwards, please register your interest here and a member of our team will get back to you.

It is important for all prospective volunteers to note that due to the nature of humanitarian work in refugee camps, the field is unpredictable and needs regularly change, therefore flexibility and understanding is ideal.


To get some insight into what it's like to volunteer with us, take a look at our volunteer testimonials and #VolunteerDiaries. For further queries, please visit our faq page or email us at

We recommend that you also take a look at our projects page, which summarises our current medical and non-medical projects.​

Thank you for considering joining our amazing team of volunteers!

Do you have...:

to volunteer with us?

to reach out to those in need?

to help save a life?

Volunteers from around the world
have come together to work with 
'Team Kitrinos'

Brittany Hughes, USA

As a nurse, I truly enjoyed volunteering with Team Kitrinos.

I made lasting friendships with other volunteers and was able to get a better understanding of the refugee crisis going on in the world today. Being able to sit across from people who made the arduous journey from their home to Europe and hear their stories was a truly humbling experience.

Carla Peters, UK

I volunteered with Team Kitrinos as a doctor for a number of weeks and was very impressed by the mixture of clinical and outreach work they do. The team provides a valuable service to refugees in Greece and the positive effects are apparent.

I look forward to working with the team again in the future.

Some words from past volunteers...

"Volunteering with Team Kitrinos at Moria Camp in Greece was a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. I met some wonderful colleagues and residents in Moria Camp, some of whose stories will stay with me forever. I look forward to working with Team Kitrinos again soon!"

- Sanna (September 2018)

"It was certainly a memorable experience volunteering for almost a month with Kitrinos. I have to say, Abdulhadi our coordinator is just an amazing person and I really appreciated his leadership and protectiveness of all of us volunteers the whole time I was there. He cares a lot, about his staff and the refugees, but also gets things done. I think this is very important because it sets the tone for volunteers how to treat others and how to handle situations in Moria that we have never encountered in our entire lives."

- Gershom (September 2018) 


"I had a really good experience and now that I'm home, I'm missing it actually! To be able to meet the refugees, see the camp and hear their stories firsthand was eye-opening and moving. I found myself amazed at how strong and resilient people are despite their tragic circumstances and difficult journeys. It was lovely getting to know and working with the rest of the Kitrinos team, their hard work and dedication is admirable."

- Zaynab (September 2018) 


"As health care professionals we are used to the privilege of being trusted upon by our patients. I found that to be no different working in the refugee camps of Greece. I was often overwhelmed with insights I would gain into the personal lives and journeys of our patients, as they felt comfortable sharing delicate stories, memories and incidents that had shaped their lives to this day. From my time volunteering, I gained much more than I ever gave, a new perspective on ethics, healthcare and humanity."

- Zam Zam, UK

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